Midnight teacher: Lilly Ann Granderson and her secret school (Lee & Low)

Born into slavery around 1821 in Petersburg, Virginia, Lilly Ann Granderson secretly learned to read and write from her master's children. Lilly Ann read everything she could get her hands on, and through newspapers, she learned of places in the North where slavery had been abolished. She longed to have that freedom too.  

Recently I visited Baltimore, Maryland, to present at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum on the importance of the prominent African American historical figure.  Through art and lecture, I helped them learn about the impact of the famed abolitionist, who fought for equal rights for everyone.

Story written by Diane Roberts

Video courtesy of Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien

Click on image above to see an example of my process for creating this illustration from Under The Freedom Tree (Charlesbridge).

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